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Regulations On Submitting The Manuscript By The Author

1. General rules. The submitted materials shall comprise the results of original and completed research. Descriptions of pilot researches, reports missing scientific outcomes, duplication of earlier published works as an article are not admissible. The submitted materials shall not contain inappropriate borrowings.

The author of the manuscript is responsible for observing the copyright law and other legislative norms, accuracy and information value of the data conveyed. Publication of the materials in the peer-reviewed journals is the means of scientific communication and contributes largely to the corresponding field of science. The editorial office supports the mentioned communications and observes publishing ethical requirements. The publications are free of charge.

2. The authors provide the editorial office with:

—  the article arranged according to the requirements (the title — from 4 to 12 words). The title shall be of much information value, concise, conform to scientific style of the text, contain the main keywords describing the subject-matter of the research and its content. The title shall be comprehensible for readers and search systems;

— univeral decimal classification (UDC) index in accordance with the subject-matter of the article;

— data about the author (family name, middle name, first name in full form, science degree, academic rank, position);

— full name of the organization, describing the form of ownership, each author’s membership in a department, address with a zip-code. It is advisable to use the uniform name of the organization usually given in the organization’s bylaw. When giving address in English it is necessary to observe English grammar rules and give the information as follows (according to rules of punctuation): apartment number, street, city, zip-code, county;

— the abstract. It should be informative, original, meaningful, structured according to the logics of the material, concise (150–250 words);

— keywords (6–8 lexical units) from the text of the article.

To be put on the English version of the journal site and in the Russian Science Citation Index system the translation of metadata is carried out by the editorial board.

3. Requirements to the submitted materials:

— the articles are admitted in the doc, docx, rtf file format, Times New Roman font — 14 pt, with 1,5 line spacing;

—  the volume of the manuscript up to 35 thousand characters, including pictures and tables, a larger volume is admissible in certain cases only, upon the editorial office resolution. The text is thoroughly proof-read and signed by the authors. Graphs, schemes, diagrams etc. must be fulfilled in vector programmes (not in Word) and saved in EPS or AI formats;

— contractions and symbols, measure units must conform to the standards adopted (in the International System of Units and GOST 7.12-1993);

— in References the authors are mentioned as cited. All the references in the article are given in ciphers in square brackets, e.g. [5, p. 6]. It is admissible to refer to different resources from the Reference list, their running numbers being separated by a semicolon, e.g. [10, p. 9; 12, p. 50] (GOST R 7.0.5–2008). When the reference is repeated, it takes the number of its first mentioning;

—  resources with no author, normative documents (rulings, laws, instructions, etc), explanations, notes which will not be indexed in citation databases are given in footnotes at the bottom of the page and are not included in the reference list;

— self-citation is admissible if not exceeding 20% of the whole number of resources from the references list.

The journal is peer-reviewed. All articles are peer-reviewed despite the authors’ academic ranks or science degrees. Peer-reviewing is carried out by the experts in the fields of the materials under review, the experts have got publications in the mentioned field during the last three years.

Manuscripts are admitted by e-mail on-line. Е-mail: The authors can send the materials to the address: the Omsk Academy of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, journal “Psychopedagogy in law enforcement” (subject: “to Karavaev A. F.”), 7, pr. Komarova, Omsk, 644092, phone: +7 (913) 971-80-28.

The electronic versions of the journal are available at the website and the websites of the scientific electronic libraries: http://www.elibrary.ru The issues are placed in the Russian Science Citation Index system, electronic archives of the journal are available at

As for detailed requirements to the arrangement of the article you can consult section “Information for authors” at the website

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