History of the journal

Journal  25 years 

The science-in-practice journal “Psycho-pedagogics in law Enforcement ” was set up by the Omsk Academy of the Russian MIA and meant to be a printed sciene-in-practice methodics organ of the Russian MIA. Its establishment concurred with mass introducing psychologists into practical law enforcement units and enhancement of work of the appropriate divisions. At that time the initial provisions, guidelines, concepts and other documents regulating the activity of psychologists in law enforcement agencies and higher educational institutions of the Russian MIA were developed.

The journal has been issued since 1995 four times a year, its size is 10 author’s sheets, circulation – 500 copies. It is a subscription periodical.

The aim and the main idea of the journal has been popularization of psychological and pedagogical knowledge among practical psychologists, educational departments’ chiefs, law enforcement officers and the teaching staff of educational institutions. Currently the journal is a printed organ that makes it available for the psychologists and lecturers from different regions of Russia and abroad to share their experience. It also gives them the opportunity to publish the results of their professional and scientific work and implement scientific developments into dealing with the personnel.

According to its social, scientific status and practical value the journal is one of the leading periodicals of psychological and pedagogical character.

The journal publishes articles of doctorates, post-graduates of educational institutions of law enforcement system as well as the articles of post-graduates from other educational institutions the content of which corresponds to the journal’s subjects. For example, some issues of the journal contain up to 80% of scientific material presented by candidates and doctors of sciences. The chiefs of the educational institutions, departments’ and services’ commanders, the leading staff of the Russian MIA Sate Service and Personnel Department and Regional Law Enforcement Directorates etc. are published here.

The journal is a subject-matter edition which in the adjoining fields of psychology, pedagogics and law, on the high scientific and methodical level publishes scientific articles and materials of domestic and foreign authors on current issues of juridical, social, clinic, labour psychology, professional pedagogy, etc. From the psychological and pedagogical view it considers various problems of criminal law sciences (criminal law, criminology, criminal procedure, penal law, forensics).

Today according to the scope of interests and content of the published materials the science-in-practice journal “Psycho-pedagogics in law enforcement agencies” is a unique periodical in Russia and abroad. It has published materials describing the work of psychologists performing different professional functions according to the aims of their activity and summarized the leading-edge experience in psychological and educative work.

The journal has got traditional sections covering interests of the most readers and reflecting the main directions of law enforcement activity and the Russian MIA State Service and Personnel Department:

– social psychological and pedagogical aspects of law enforcement agencies’ work;

– aspects of moral psychological and professional training and reliability;

– psychological and pedagogical facilities of learning and educative process;

– psychological aspects of tension and conflict resolution;

– psychological and pedagogical correction and regulation of states;

– psychological aspects of educative, legal and preventive work;

– psychology of delinquent behavior;

– methodological aspects of personality psycho-diagnostics and cognition;

– for instructors of higher educational institutions;

– practical psychology: experience and problems;

– for discussion;

– foreign experience;

– general problems of psychology;

– psychological toolkit;

– guidelines for the leaders;

– reviews.

Expert reviewing of the manuscripts is performed according to the fields of science: psychological (19.00.00), pedagogical (13.00.00) and legal (12.00.00) ones including the following main scientific profiles:

– social psychological and pedagogical aspects of law enforcement agencies’ work; juridical psychology provision;

– enhancement and actualization of personal and professional development of the personnel; theory and methods of professional training of the Interior Ministry officers; psychological and pedagogical problems of developing the personality of a law enforcement officer; psychological consultations; social adaptation processes; motivation development;

– problems of youth professional orientation to service and professional and psychological selection; professional self-determination; self-consciousness; development of new methods of diagnosing cadets’ and officers’ professional qualities; practical psychology in dealing with the Interior Ministry personnel: experience and problems; methodological aspects of psycho-diagnostics and cognition of personality;

– psychological and pedagogical, methodical and legal provisions of learning and educative process at the Russian MIA educational institutions and officers’ professional performance; psychological aspects of educative work; education quality management; mental and moral education; problems of increasing the level of psychological pedagogical and legal culture; building up specialists’ legal consciousness;

– psychological and pedagogical aspects of professional training and support of law enforcement officers in special and extreme conditions; factors of suicidal risk; psychological and pedagogical assistance, psychological prevention and hygiene of crisis states; psychological mechanisms of coping behavior; psychological influence: paradigm coordinates and practice; problems of penitentiary pedagogics;

– psychological pedagogical and legal problems of delinquent behavior; criminal psychology; causes and conditions of crime; protection of juveniles’ rights and legal interests; terror psychopathology; aggression manifestation; psychology of corruption; domestic violence; prevention of deviant behavior etc.

In 2005 ordered by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) (resolution # 21/3, May 6, 2005, # 22/4 May 13, 2005, # 28/25, June 17, 2005) the expert council of VAK included the journal “Psycho-pedagogics in law enforcement agencies” into the List of the reviewed scientific journals and editions published in the Russian Federation which must contain the main results of candidate’s and doctors’ dissertations in all scientific profiles. At present the journal is on the list of the leading reviewed scientific journals and editions which must contain the main results of candidate’s and doctors’ dissertations. The journal is included into databases of the Russian list of the journals indexed (RISC), into the post All-Russian united catalogue “Russian Printed Media”, subscription code 41979, 41980, Interregional catalogue “Russian Post”, subscription code 11310. It has got an International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1999-6241(Print) ISSN 2619-1180(Online); certificate of mass media registration (PI № FS77-36632) issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) on June 18, 2009.

The full-text electronic version of the journal, abstracts of the articles, key words and information for the authors can be found at the journal website (http://www.omamvd.ru) and websites of scientific electronic libraries: http://www.elibrary.ru; http://www. cyberleninka.ru.

Thus, every psychologist, lecturer, the leading staff of the divisions and a higher educational institution can share their ideas and developments via the journal, contribute to the strengthening and improvement of professional training of the Interior Ministry officers.

The journal is a bearer of the leading-edge experience, novation in psychological and pedagogical maintenance of learning and educative process at educational institutions and in professional performance of the field units of Russian and foreign law enforcement systems. Its materials are used in research work, developing theses, monographs, lectures, coursebooks and other scientific and methodics publications.

The editorial board is staffed with 34 Doctors of Sciences from different regions of the Russian Federation and abroad, well-known specialists in legal, pedagogical and psychological specialities who review the submitted materials.

Prospective directions of the journal are introduction of new sections such as:

– methodics provision of the departmental psychological, educative, information and propaganda, social work etc.;

– seminar’s, “round tables”, conferences’ reviews, etc.;

– introducing columns of the chairs’ work, a young scholar’s tribune, best practices; revealing the problems of psychology field units;

– publishing teaching materials (practical books, practical guidelines and suchlike) for the Interior Ministry psychologists, leading staff and others.